CTo continue running Task when some hosts "The remote script failed with exit code 1"

Hello !

Is there a way to instruct the Octopus Task Console to not to stop when it fails in some hosts?

Sometimes I launch a command trouhg the console to check something, in some hosts works and in some don`t, after a couple of fails the task stop running.

I would like the task to run trouhg all selected hosts till the end of the list, no matter if the task fails in some of them.

Is it possible?

Hi Victor,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Unfortunately, the task console isn’t designed to be particularly feature-rich, so, there isn’t a built-in option for this.

You could try to work around it by using the $ErrorActionPreference variable within your script to suppress errors, however, that could cause other problems if you’re unaware of any errors that did occur.

The other option would be to add the script that you want to execute to a Runbook and enable Guided Failure. This would allow you to see the errors and then choose to ignore them and continue.


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