Cross-reference of Octopus version(s) and TFS version(s) compatibility available?

Is there a document/page that shows the minimum Octopus version for the last two versions of TFS (2015, 2017)?


Hi Randy,

Thanks for reaching out! There Isn’t such documentation, but I can give you a hand with that :). It’ll all come down to one question: How do you plan on communicating from the TFS server to the Octopus Server?

I wanna use the amazing TFS extension steps to communicate with Octopus (Recommended)

Using our TFS extension in the Marketplace is definitely the recommended approach.

To be able to use these tasks, you’ll need to be at least in Octopus 3.4

I’m not planning on using the TFS extension

Disclaimer: There really isn’t a compelling reason to go with this approach. We strongly recommend you to use the extension

If you decide to go this way, you’ll have to use something like Octopack to pack your application, and then Octo.exe to trigger builds/deployments after the build. These components have their own versions each, so you should be using the latest version of them with the latest Octopus.

Hope that helps. If you are stuck in a specific version of Octopus which you cannot upgrade (perhaps your company policies are too strict), let me know on which version are you.