Creating tenanted release but ends up untenanted

Hi Octopus Deploy

We create a new release, it works that far, we can see it in the release view on the project.

but it is not assigned to a tenant. It ends up a “untenanted”. This was a surprise because we stated “–tenant=‘TM1 ABC’” in the command.

Here is the command we use:
octo.exe create-release --server= --apikey=SECRET --project=TM1 --enableservicemessages --version=2019.2.4.43 --packageversion=2019.2.4.43 --tenant=‘TM1 ABC’ --logLevel=verbose

What could be the problem?


Thanks for getting in touch. The create release action does not support supplying Tenants. The release doesn’t have a concept of a Tenant, it’s just a bag of versions, packages and channels.

The deployment what is Tenant specific, that’s where Tenants help drive where your application will be deployed.

Have a look at the Deploy-release documentation and you’ll see the --tenant parameter there, also --tenanttag if/when you also use Tenant Tags.

Let us know if you hit any further issues.


Thanks Nick for your reply.

Ok, what is then the idea with the ”—tenant” flag in the create-release call?



In the documentation under Release creation: there’s no listed --tenant flag, it’s only the Deployment: section. Because it’s all one list of commands on the website and when you do --help that may be the confusing part.

So it just doesn’t apply the create-release command.


Yes, that is what happened

Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

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