Creating a role for a Jenkins user that can upload packages, create releases and deploy releases

I’m trying to create some new roles that encapsulate the concept of a Package Manager and a Release Manager. This is so that I can create a team for a service account that I use in jenkins to upload a package after it passes unit tests, they deploys the package to run integration tests.
My roles are as follows:

Package Manager:

  • BuiltInFeedAdminister
  • BuiltInFeedDownload
  • BuiltInFeedPush
  • FeedView

Release Manager:

  • DeploymentCreate
  • DeploymentDelete
  • DeploymentView
  • ReleaseCreate
  • ReleaseDelete
  • ReleaseEdit
  • ReleaseView
  • TaskCancel
  • TaskCreate
  • TaskView
  • TaskViewLog

Now when I try and use the service accounts API key up create release I get the error

Error from Octopus server (HTTP 403): You do not have permission to perform this action. Please contact your Octopus administrator.
Exit code: -7

I have no problems uploading the package however.

As an aside, please can the documentation around what these tasks mean be improved and maybe.


Hi Dafydd,

Thanks for getting in touch! In the next release of bug fixes we have updated the error message to include the permission that is missing. This should be released this week.
To help you now, a release needs view permissions for everything that touches it. It includes things like variableview, projectview, libraryvariablesetview.