Creating a release is always timing out

This is a little difficult to track down I’m sure. But everything time I go to create a release it times out trying to get the package list. I usually have a refresh the page 3-4 times before it shows up. My nuget feed is on the same machine but it’s coming from a website and not a folder.

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for reporting this, it has affected a few other people but I can’t reproduce it. Can you tell me which Nuget.Server you are using and how many packages you have inside it?


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This is becoming a huge problem. Now instead of refreshing the page once or twice its taking me 10-15 times before it will load the complete list (I have 11 packages.)

I created a custom NuGet server using the NuGet.Server package and deployed it to a machine. Although it still times out if I’m pointing it at the directory.

I had 302 packages in the directory. Just cleared them all out and it came up much faster and the first time. I’d say it has something to do with how many packages are in there.


Hi Nathan,

Steven Kuhn discovered a workaround for this which I’ve included in the latest build. Can you please install the new Octopus server from:

Note that you will need to make sure the Octopus windows service is stopped before uninstalling and installing the new version of Octopus.

Please let me know whether that helps,


This has been bothering me too. Just installed the latest version (build 0.8.413.2048). Stopped the services, uninstalled, installed the new version for both server and tentacles.

Unfortunately the problem appears to still be there. If anything it’s worse, I had to hjt F5 over ten times before the page would load without timeouts. (though I also note that that little CSS tweak you said you’d make in the next build a while back also hasn’t been fixed, so maybe the install is sticky and it hasn’t picked up the new version…?)

Hi Neil,

Was that the CSS tweak for the font size of table headings? It’s in the auto-update build I’m testing at the moment, and will be included soon.

I’m at a loss to explain what is going on with this NuGet.Server issue, but what I will do tonight is build a tool to help us diagnose it.

Out of curiosity, is there anything in the event log on the server that hosts Octopus or NuGet.Server?


There is nothing on the NuGet.Server event log, but on the Octopus server there are a bunch of errors that might correspond to the times when this has happened. Unfortunately the message is no use:

The description for Event ID 0 from source Octopus cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.

(actually I’ve just noticed that some of those errors have occurred overnight and no-one was deploying then, so these are probably red herrings)

And yes, that was the tweak I meant. No problem, will look forward to the auto-update release. And also whatever comes of your investigation into this issue. Much appreciated :slight_smile: