Creating a new environment permissions issue

I am trying to lock down our Octopus Deploy permission per company policy. I have several Teams established and a handful of roles setup. I have a use that is a member of three teams, two of those teams have the EnvironmentCreate role. However when this use logs in they do not see the Add Environment button. Also if they go directly to the /environments/new portion of the site they get the "You do not have permission to perform this action. Missing permission; EnvironmentCreate.

Error.docx (82 KB)

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for reaching out. Are the teams with the EnvironmentCreate role scoped to specific environments? If that is the case, the users wont be able to see the “Add environment” button, as they technically wouldn’t have access to the new environment because their team is not scoped to it.

To be able to see the Add Environment button, the team with the EnvironmentCreate role must be scoped to All Environments.



Thanks for your help on this. Your suggestion fixed the issue. I just created a new team and scoped it to All Environments, added the Environment Manager role, and added the user to this additional team. They are now able to add new environments.