Create webapp deployment target with Powershell


Is it possible to create a WebApp deployment target using powershell or a task in Octopus.
Im creating dynamic infrastructure from ARM templates of which a WebApp is created. I then want to make that webapp a deployment target. Ideally with PowerShell?

In the docs, it says you can use this cmdlet New-OctopusAzureWebAppTarget, but it doesn’t seem to be available in the OctoPOSH module?


Hi Tom,

Thanks for getting in touch! The Azure PowerShell modules will be available in Octopus when running an Azure PowerShell Script step, or Scripts packaged or configured with Deploying a package to an Azure Cloud Service or Azure Web App steps.

We cover this in some more detail over on our Azure PowerShell documentation page.

Something to note, OctoPOSH has no longer being maintained by the creator and has not received an update in nearly two years.

The best way to use the New-OctopusAzureWebAppTarget would be to run it in one of the Azure PowerShell steps as outlined above.

If you have any further questions here, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Best regards,

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