Create release & release notes file line ending issue in Octo.exe


I’m trying to get some release notes automatically put into my releases upon a TFS build. I’ve used a a third party tool called ‘TfbNotes.exe’ which creates the attached file (Notes.txt). This looks great, but when I create the release and pass it into Octo.exe it screws it up on the release details screen, but only on the first block. When I edit the release it’s fine, but the details screen has line ending issues. Looking at the file it seems fine with a consistant use of CR-LF chars.

Is this a bug or something I can fix in my file?


Notes.txt (801 Bytes)

Hi Matthew,

Thank you for getting in touch. The release notes are in Markdown format, and what you are seeing is expected behaviour. The solution is to add two spaces to the end of the line that you want to break on. You could do this via a powershell command:

(Get-Content Notes.txt) -replace '$', ' ' | Out-File

Hope that helps.

Robert W

Hi Robert,

Ahhhhh that makes sense and just implemented the fix and it works! Just a slight correction as the replacement text you had was a single space not a double space :slight_smile:

Awesome work thanks!