Create release octo.exe in channel with custom deploy step

Hi, I have a problem to create release via octo.exe client in selected channel when deploy step is customized by extend build-in step.

When I extend step “Deploy a package” I must expose paramter to provide “Package ID” value (I set name of this param _PackageID), so when I create channel with version rule I must select deploy step - I select my custom - then in title of channel I see “CustomDeploy - #{_PackageID}”.

Now when I use octo.exe client to create step in these channel I have got error: Not found #{_PackageID} on feed Octopus Server, of course I set real package id in variables and these package I uploaded to internal octopus feed.

When I create release from UI everything is ok.

Hi sebastian,

Thanks for reaching out. Could you send me a screenshot or text output of your console where I can see the full octo.exe command you are running along with the error it is returning?


My fault I incorrect use tool, please close this ticket