Create release in Octopus from Azure Devops without a space

I am quite new to devops so looking for recommendations.
Currently we have a basic pipeline setup in azure devops which builds and run tests.
We want to deploy the package to our cloud based octopus instance which is version 3.3.27.
We have created a service connection in azure devops and we are trying to use the push package to octopus task but it is asking for a space.
As 3.3.27 does not support spaces does anyone know if this task can be made to work without a space?

Hi Rob,
Thanks for getting in touch! Welcome to the world of DevOps.

You certainly can make this Task work without referencing a Space name. In Azure, under “Push Package(s) to Octopus”, you’ll see a Task Version Option, this should be the Version of Octopus you’re running (see example below). Once this is set to V3.* you should be prompted for a space name.


Below are a couple of links, one to a Webinar and the other to our Documentation on Octopus & Azure that might be helpful on your DevOps journey.

I hope this helps and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any further questions you may have.

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Thanks for you’re very helpful reply.
Unfortunately we do not have a Task option on the UI for the Push Package to Octopus task.

It seems Space is a mandatory field, I notice that this calls our octopus api (/api/spaces/all) to prepopulate the combo but we do not have this api method on our octopus insance.
Any idea how to proceed?

I have managed to get this working but just removing Space: in the yaml.

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