Create release failed due to invalid SemVer version number added via Octo.exe

I’m using TeamCity(Professional 8.0.5) and Octopus( to deploy a package packed by Octo.exe command line tool. I fixed a version number to be 1.1.0 and it shows in the name of the package: PackageName.1.1.0.nupkg . The test for external feeds is successful and can pick up the version number as 1.1.0, as is shown in attachment test.GIF. However the “OctopusDeploy: Create Release” step in TeamCity still shows the error when creating release(as is shown in first attachment) :
[Octopus Deploy] Error from Octopus server (HTTP 400): There was a problem with your request.
[Octopus Deploy] - Please enter a valid SemVer version number, for example ‘1.3’ or ‘1.19.310.9000’
[Octopus Deploy] Exit code: -7
[Octopus Deploy] Octo.exe exit code: -7

Would be great if there’s any suggestions please? Thanks!

Hi Juning,

Thanks for getting in touch! Could you provide us with the TeamCity build log please. Also you mention an attachment but nothing came through.


Hi Vanessa,

Thank you very much! My problem has resolved once the version number is created with four rather than three parts in the SemVer format. I’m happy for this question to be closed/deleted. Many thanks for you attention!

Kind regards,

I have a three part version number. (Was working fine with Octopus 1.6)
Now I am getting this error also “Please enter a valid SemVer version number”. Is a three-part SemVer not supported?

Hi Josh,

3-part numbers are supported, so it’s probably a problem with the value being passed in - could you attach a log from the build?