Create files (xml/zip/image etc) not in nuget package

Hello, I’m working on a proof of concept using Octopus deploy.

I just installed it and am getting things working. But I’ve got a question that I can’t seem to find an answer for. My need is that we use config transforms and other files that are not stored in the nuget package.

The primary reason being is that we don’t want our individual developers dealing with the configurations of our test/stage/production environment. Nor do we really want to see what the final values of them are. We would also like to upload images and other binary based files based on the environment that we don’t want in source control.

We would like to use config transforms (but stored on Octopus) because of everything we can do with them. Ideally we would be able to upload a config transform file to Octopus and have that used instead of web.debug.config or web.release.config. Is this an option someplace that I’m missing? I did find the “Create File” plugin in the library, but it would be nice to upload a file (images/text/zips whatever) and have that used and not just a text file.


Thanks for getting in touch! You can’t really find anything in Octopus to support this model because it doesn’t fit in with what Octopus tries to achieve with best practices in deployment automation. Having a single artifact in a package is a way to control versioning and predictability when deploying and promoting along the pipeline.

If you wanted to keep some files outside of the developers hands and work in that way I could suggest having a secondary package that matches the first with those files, have it as your first package step and then reference it from your second package step. It could be done as part of the build process.

If you want to use library steps or write your own with PowerShell (or other) this could be done, but it is not something natively supported within the Octopus features.

I know this isn’t the response you are really looking for.