Create a manual package from a folder


We are using TFS and octopack successfully to build and pack up two web sites from our solution. In our repository is a folder of SQL files (created by Red Gate SQL Source Control). I would like to add these files into their own nuget package so they can be used for database deployments.

The goal is to use a specific tentacle to push the package to and execute from a command line SQL Compare to diff (from t the files and database) the target database and update it. I have all the pieces, I am just not sure if an additional package can be created from a directory during our build cycle. There is no project file associated with the database files, it is simply folder of the different databases.


Thanks for reaching out. You can add an extra step to your build process that uses Nuget.exe pack to pack that folder and then push the package to Octopus using Nuget.exe push.

Hope that helps,


That is helpful, thank you. Any suggestions on setting or getting a reference to the nuget.exe executable? It would be convenient to use the OctoPack one rather than installing on the build server, etc. or hard-coding the location.

You could add the executable to source control along with your app in a tools folder. Then from your build process you’ll always call Nuget.exe from a path relative to your checkout dir (the path where TFS downloads your code to compile it).

Hope that helps