Could not run a powershell command on a Linux tentacle

Please if you can help me with the following problem:
I am trying to execute a command “shutdown -r now” with the option power shell that is available in the process editor and it is giving me the following error:

The deployment failed because one or more steps failed. Please see the deployment log for details.

Step 2: Run a Script Linux
The step failed: Activity Run a Script Linux on ubuntu failed with error ‘The remote script failed with exit code 255’.

The remote script failed with exit code 255
The action Run a Script Linux on ubuntu failed"

The tentacle is already installed and operational in linux ubuntu.

Please I would appreciate your support with this case, thank you!

Oscar González.-
OctopusServer.txt (235.6 KB)

Hi Oscar,

Thanks for reaching out! It looks like the issue is the ‘Powershell’ option being used for a Linux instance. Try running the script with the ‘Bash’ option selected - the command looks fine! Also make sure to create a new release so that the changes are picked up.

Let me know if this fixes your problem, or if there is anything more I can help with!


Finnian thank you very much for your reply. I tell you that I have managed from power shell to send a command to my Ubuntu tentacle, and that problem is solved.

Finnian could you please help me with the following problem,
I tell you the scenario:
I have an ubuntu server 16 that I am monitoring with the Nagios application and I need that when an alarm is generated in Nagios it sends a request to the Octopus to execute a runbook (specific script) in the tentacle that would also be the ubuntu server 16.

In summary, how do I integrate the Nagios with the Octopus, how do I send a request to the Octopus from Nagios? would it be via API? or how could I do it?

Finnian please your support with this case, I am conducting some feasibility tests to work with Octopus and acquire licenses, I am interested in solving this, thank you!

Oscar González

Hi Oscar,

Glad you were able to resolve the previous issue!

While we are not experts in Nagios, I can definitely provide some assistance. The integration will depend on what Nagios is able to do when an alarm is triggered.

If you are able to run a command or script when the alarm is triggered then the Octopus CLI will be able to invoke a Runbook. I’ve attached the relevant CLI documentation, see examples at bottom of page.

If you have any further questions or issues feel free to let me know!


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