Could not find tag 'foo' on octopus server

I’m attempting to register new tentacles that are part of a tenant and have tentant tags.

I find that it gives the error “Could not find the tag foo on the octopus server” yet the tag is clearly there.

 .\\Tentacle.exe register-with --instance "Tentacle" --server "" --name "someName" --apiKey "API-xxxxxxx" --comms-style "TentacleActive" --server-comms-port "10943" --force --environment "dev" --role "web-default" --tenant "foo" --tenanttag "us-leh"

Looking at the logs it shows

2016-09-30 15:28:51.6902      1  INFO  Octopus Deploy: Tentacle version 3.4.11 (3.4.11+Branch.master.Sha.cf6d019452205b6dc6542343cb565ca80aac1e8c)
2016-09-30 15:28:52.2996      1  INFO  Checking connectivity on the server communications port 10943...
2016-09-30 15:28:53.5652      1 FATAL  Could not find the tag us-leh on the Octopus server.

Why does octopus report that this tag doesn’t exist?

After more trial and error turns out that if the tenant tags are grouped, you must provide the tenant as





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