Could not find path 'C:\Octopus\Work\20161222103916-194\....\.....\....sql

Hi Team,
I was trying to execute one of .SQL file which i am trying to get from build drop location. But when I have entered file name with folder hierachy then got to know that Octopus is looking this file on target machine and not on actulal build drop location.

In my case code repository using TeamCity server and all the required setting related to Octopus and teancity of Feed service added in both side. I was expecting Octopus should search given file names in the build drop location with the help feed service but it is looking on deployment target machine.
Team, please help me how can i resolve this issue so that i can able to get the build files. Please see error which i am getting for same.



Hi Sopan,

Thanks for getting in touch. Generally, you would have Octopus execute SQL scripts contained within a package being deployed. From our Packaging Applications page:

Before you can deploy an application using Octopus, you will need to bundle all of the executables, DLL’s, configuration files, installation scripts, and anything else the application needs to run into a package.

So I would recommend that you bundle your SQL script(s) into a package (NuGet, Zip etc) and simply execute it from directory where the package is unpacked. Our deploying packages page describes where files are unpacked and if you turned on the ‘Custom deployment scripts’ feature, you could co-ordinate the execution of the bundled SQL script. Alternately, we have a ‘SQL - Execute Script File’ community step template that makes this easier. For more information, see our step template page.

Hope this helps!



Hi Rob,

Thanks for replay. I understood that files are coming inside the C:\Octopus\Applications… Nuget Package which will extract on location C:\Octopus\Applicationa… but from the error log octopus is looking same file on location C:\Octopus\Work…
Can you please confirm me why such error throwing or is there different meaning of the error.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Sopan,

For every PowerShell script Octopus needs to run we create a temporary file in the Work folder as we need the correct permissions to run the scripts.
So any errors that have that path are because that is the where we have created this file to run scripts.

You would need to provide a full deployment log and any scripts that are run as part of your deployment if you would like further advice on this error.
Here is how to grab a deployment log:

Feel free to set this thread to private :slight_smile:


Hi Vanessa, Thanks for details.

Can you please help to to know more about FeedService and NuGet server details. Means how it works and relation between them and how nuget package generate and push to nuget server from teamcity repository.

Is there any certifications avaialable in Octopus ?
Thanks in advance


Hi Sopan,

Thanks for the reply. Octopus requires a package repository which holds all your packaged/versioned applications and services. You can use TeamCity as a package repository and add it as an external feed or you could use Octopus’ built-in package repository. Our package repository page covers the options for this and our TeamCity page covers integrating with Octopus with it as well. That said, we also have a video/webinar that covers Deployment Automation with Octopus Deploy and TeamCity that reviews the entire integration process. It’s a little old but it covers the core concepts really well.

Also, there aren’t any certifications available for Octopus but there are a few online courses that provide thorough coverage of deploying applications with Octopus.

Hope this helps!