Could not find package in feed

Could not find package in feed

We are using teamcity to build package. Create deploy release step succeeds but in octopus ‘Tasks’ it shows error as "Could not find package in feed "

Hi @pranitas, thanks for reaching out.

From what you have described it sounds like an Octopus project is referencing packages that have not bee uploaded yet.

The deploy release step does not upload any packages to Octopus, it only starts the deployment of the release. To push a package to Octopus you need to use the OctopusDeploy: Push Packages step before the release is created.

So the usual process for creating a deployment in Octopus from TC is:

  1. Build the artifacts with TC
  2. Push the artifacts to Octopus
  3. Create an Octopus release
  4. Deploy an Octopus release

The blog post at has more information on the typical build process between a CI server and Octopus.

Matt C

Thank you for your reply.

When i check ‘Artifacts’ in teamcity for project, it says, 'No user-defined artifacts ’

I guess, will need to get step 1 working now.

We are using Bitbucket as source repository. It works fine with svn as repository.


To resolve artifact issue i found this page ‘

I have ‘Run Octopack’ enabled in build step.

Its mentioned here, From TeamCity, it’s common to use %build.number% so that the package version number matches the TeamCity build number.

I am not sure if we can use same build number when source repo is bitbucket, as buildnumber is alphanumeric something like ‘1f8c0526a56’

Hi @pranitas

The %build.buildnumber% variable is generated by Team City itself rather than the source repository. You can find more information on these variables with the TC documentation at This means you are able to use %build.buildnumber% with BitBucket.

Matt C

Hi Matthew
Thanks for your reply. I have managed to get this working. Solution was setup incorrectly which caused this issue. Deleting and re-creating it on bitbucket has worked now.

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