Copy file from tentacle to tentacle directly

Hello team

Is there any option to copy file from Tenticale to Tentacle directly
use cases : windows to windows and linux to windows

user case 1: linux to windows
I have a mono installed on a linux base machine, and i would like to copy a folders and files to a windows machine (with tentacle). I would like to achieve that without coping the files to the OD server, without package it and without opening additional ports (WinRM).

user case 2: windows to windows
tentacle installed on both machines and would like to copy files and folder from machine1 to machine2, again without copy the files to the OD server, or to package it

with many thanks

Hi Ofer,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Unfortunately what you are looking for is not something that Tentacle can perform, as all communication is via Octopus server (think of Octopus as a star network configuration).

The only options that come to mind would be to use existing tooling (e.g. robocopy) or windows file and network shares to accomplish the task, however that would require extra ports to be open and some custom scripting (if you need Octopus to perform to copy for you).

Sorry I don’t have better news for you,