Constraint / custom rule on Auto Deploy

Is it also possible to add constraint/custom rule to the “Deploy automatically to this environment as soon as the release enters this phase.” such that it will deploy only to release specific to channel.

We have couple of stream running in parallel and devs are working on diffrent code base. Problem is I want auto deploy to trigger on specific channel only where as irrespective of releae/channel as soon as release is created in any of the channel under project. it trggers the deployment.

Hi Mohit,

Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortuantely, this is not something that is currently available in Octopus. This is an interesting suggestion though. For user suggestions, we refer to our UserVoice page. Users are able to create suggestions, vote on others and comment with their thoughts / ideas.
If the suggestions have a good community backing we can look at the feasibility of adding them into Octopus.

Let me know what you think.

Best regards,