Configurinf Tentacle to listen multiple octopuses. error

Hi guys,

Before migration between octopus servers i want to make sure that all listening tentacles are reacheble by network and trust both thumbprints (source octopus, destination octopus).
For configuring tentacles i make steps from:
And it works properly on most on my VMs. But on few VMs i receive an error:

In logs i see:
2018-03-23 10:08:41.9038 1 INFO Octopus Deploy: Tentacle version 3.2.6 (3.2.6+Branch.master.Sha.61f0c2f50db3f40f7bd0a9032ad73491f81fda14)
2018-03-23 10:08:43.6851 1 FATAL Instance Tentacle of application Tentacle has not been created. Check the instance name or run the setup wizard.

Please help me reconfigure these instances to trust multiple octopus servers.

Thanks in advance

Hi Oleg,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Looking at the error message that error is reporting that there isn’t an instance named Tentacle configured on this machine. On newer versions of Tentacle this error is clearer and will list the available configured instances, but in your case if you run the following command on these servers it will show the available instances c:\Program Files\Octopus Deploy\Tentacle>tentacle.exe --show-configuration. You would then need to modify your original command with the name of the currently configured Tentacle instance.

If you were looking to add an instance of Tentacle.exe called Tentacle you could use the following command:
c:\Program Files\Octopus Deploy\Tentacle>tentacle create-instance --config="c:\Octopus\Tentacle --instance="Tentacle"

Please let me know if you have any further questions,


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