Configure IIS Website doesnt allow for net.tcp or net.pipe

for v2.x of octopus I noted that you now have the ability to create IIS websites and application pools. it seems to have all the features we need except one. The bindings section only include http or https. for wcf services, you would also need to support net.pipe and net.tcp. Is this something that was already thought of or can you add it to the list for the next version. right now we have a custom predeploy script to handle the website creation, but if octopus can handle with something built in, then we can get rid of that step.

Hi Kirk,

Happy to look at adding it since we’re working on that information now. You wouldn’t happen to know what the right syntax for a net.tcp binding in IIS is would you? It seems to be different to the way a HTTP/HTTPS binding is specified (*:80: for example)


as far as the website bindings, net.tcp and net.pipe have no other configuration. they configure themselves.

I did think of something else though, is this bindings section you change at the website level or at the application level? the other thing we set (although we have a default now) at the application level is a property called “Enabled Protocols”. we will set this to “http,net.pipe,net.tcp”. That might be a different setting than the bindings, but is as important when dealing with wcf services. by default, you only get http and you have to add the other two supported protocols if you want to call wcf services on something other than an http channel (which we do).

Hi Paul,
I am also interested in this feature. I am hosting my WCF services under IIS/WAS, I have configured these sites with http and tcp bindings. I am currently using appCmd command after each deployment(see below). I have also attached two screen shots of what is the end result of these commands in IIS setting.

Robert Broomandan

1- %windir%\system32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe set app “serviceviceName/” /enabledProtocols:http,net.tcp
2- %windir%\system32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe set site “serviceviceName” -+bindings.[protocol=‘net.tcp’,bindingInformation=‘8006:*’]


We’re currently evaluating OctopusDeploy at my workplace and also need to create net.tcp and net.pipe bindings in IIS. Is this feature being added or do we have to use a custom script?


Hi Jonathan,

You’ll need to use a custom script for it at the moment, I’m afraid. If it helps, here’s how we do the normal IIS configuration:


Hi guys,

I came across this problem recently as well and I made sure to save the script for future use. The below might help people in the future as a starting point


Is this going to be added to the roadmap at all?

Hi Daniel,

There is an existing UserVoice suggestion for this feature, however it has relatively few votes. Because there’s currently a workaround, it’s unlikely to be a high priority.

We do keep track of UserVoice suggestions and continually evaluate where our time is best spent. If this becomes a common issue, it will float up the list.

Sorry it’s not better news.