Configuration Variables - strictness of application

Is there an easy way to increase the strictness of the configuration variable replacement feature? It would be good to have the option of erroring or warning if an appSetting / connectionString key doesn’t have a matching Octopus variable defined in scope to the current deployment. This would allow for assurance that no values in config checked into source are not strictly controlled by the central config store in Octopus.

If not, then I guess this can be copied in to a user voice ticket…

Hi Steve,
Thanks for getting in touch regarding this feature request. We know that the variables functionality could do with some updates so hopefully we will be revisiting how they are managed soon.

Your particular request sounds like it could be related to an existing uservoice ticket
If you add your thoughts\suggestions on this ticket we can be sure to keep it in mind when we come to address how variables work.

Thanks again,

Thanks Rob. I’ve created a new suggestion as it’s more specific to the Configuration Variables feature, although does have conceptual links with the transform suggestion.