“Configuration Transforms” and “Substitute Variables in Files”

I noticed that in one step, “Configuration Transforms” is before “Substitute Variables in Files”. When I actually use it, I should first “Substitute Variables in Files” and then “Configuration Transforms”. So, do I need to divide it into two steps?

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The variable substitution should always run before the transform during a deployment. When you say that the Transform is before the Substitution, is that in in the step UI

Or are you actually seeing it run out of order during the deployment?

If it is in the step UI, then you can ignore that, the order there is based on when they were added, not the actual run order.

If it is during the deployment, could you provide the deployment log and advise on what step type this is happening?


Thank you for your prompt response, I haven’t actually deployed it yet.
In addition, if I want to change the process steps, can I only delete the previous steps?

In that case, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Are you wanting to re-order the process steps?
If so, the option for this can be found next to the Filter box in the Process Editor.

Thank you very much

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