Configuration Transform using wrong XDT file

Running Octopus Server V2020.1.12
I am using Configuration Transforms for an ASP.NET website deployment. For this I am running the default XML transforms + 1 additional transform: ‘Web.Release.sitemap => Web.sitemap’
When deploying a release using this setup it breaks with exit code 1.

The log shows the following info

Transforming ‘folder\Web.sitemap’ using ‘folder\Web.Release.sitemap’.
Transforming ‘folder\Web.sitemap’ using ‘folder\Web.Release.config’.
File folder\Web.Release.config, line 2, position 2: - Error - No element in the source document matches ‘/configuration’

Which is completely logical since Web.Release.config is not mend to transform the Web.sitemap file !!!

But why does octopus attempt to perform this transform??

Kind Regards,
Hans van Veen

I found a workaround which helps me for the moment, but its not something I want to keep live for eternity.
I defined a project variable ‘Octopus.Action.Package.IgnoreConfigTransformationErrors’ with the value ‘true’
This overrules the System Variable with the same name

My deployment now treats the original error now as informational and continues nicely

KR, Hans

Hey @hvanveen,

I’m sorry for the delay in responding and that you’re bumping into this issue.

Could you send me a screen shot of your XML transform section in your deployment step? This will help with understanding the problem further.


Hi Adam,

Thanks for picking up this issue.

This is a screenshot of what I have configured

I hope this will help you with the investigation,

Kind regards

Hans van Veen

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Hey @hvanveen,

I haven’t tested this yet but if you untick “Run default XML transform” will the feature configuration Transform still run for the additional transform?

I’ll get something setup in the meantime to test this out.