Configuration of the versioned folders when deploying


I’m actually deploying some binaries using Custom install directory
Giving me : c:\Octopus\files\MyDirectory\Dev\Mypackage\0.0.1

For some reason the backup/versioned files are created in : c:\Octopus\files\Dev\Mypackage\0.0.1. (MyDirectory is missing).

Is any variable I should overwrite or do I have any configuration missing?

Thanks for your help

Hi Claude,

Thanks for getting in touch! We actually install to two directories with the custom install directory feature. The first is a directory where its clean and we unpack and do all the transforms and such so as not to break an existing site, then we move those files to the custom install directory. This is because we assume you using that feature is to overwrite an existing static directory / site and we don’t want to unpack anything that could potentially be broken for that existing site.

Your scenario here looks different. Can you confirm for me that its going to both locations, your specified path, and the one we create?
Also a deployment log would help us here if that is not the case.


Good morning Vanessa,

Thanks for your explanation, as you described the package is extracted in the directory :
16:30:53 Verbose | Package will be extracted to:c:\Octopus\files\Dev\Mypackage\0.0.1. Is there anyway to configure or know the directory(is it held in a variable (I didn’t find it in :

Thanks again for your help

Hi Claude,

Thanks for the reply. This blog post might be a bit more helpful:
The variable you will be looking for is: Octopus.Action[StepName].Output.Package.InstallationDirectoryPath

Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot