Config values where numbers are expected

I’m doing a trial of Octopus deploy here, and I was wondering how we can solve an issue where we want to configure a thumbprint of a SSL certificate line in the ServiceConfiguration.Cloud.cscfg file:

The problem is that the value for thumbprint needs to be in hex for it to validate (like thumbprint=“3737AF2D …”

How can I solve this?


Thanks for getting in touch! Is this MSBuild or something in your build pipeline rejecting the #{} syntax. If so the best option would be to write a PreDeploy.ps1 PowerShell script that:

  1. Opens the ServiceConfiguration.Cloud.cscfg file as XML
  2. Finds and replaces the thumbprint attribute
  3. Saves the file

You can use $SSLThumbprint in PowerShell to get the value of the variable to use as the replacement.

Hope that helps!