Config transforms not included in package by default (due to build action = none)

i just noticed that in order for the transformation web.configs to be included in the octopus package, the build action must be content and not none (which is the default).
One can easily forget to alter the build action, resulting in a package without transforms!


i must also note that transformation files are copied over to the deployment folder and are not removed after the have been applied! (I guess this is a result of build action = content) I suppose this needs to be none after all? But then again, the transformations are not included at all in this case.

am i missing something here?

Thanks for getting in touch! You’re right, transforms do need to be marked as content for packaging.

By default we do remove the transforms that have been run after they run, but we don’t remove ones that we don’t run (e.g., if we run Web.release.config, we delete it afterwards, but we might not run Web.staging.config, so we don’t delete it). We have some plans to fix this in Octopus 2.4

Thanks again,