Config Transforms in subfolders with config files of same name

Hi Octopi,

I have a single nuget package which contains 2 separate windows services. These services are segregated into their own subfolder in the package and within each folder is the app.config and env transforms for each one. For example:

In other projects with a single service, I have this working by specifically defined the transform files like:
App.#{Octopus.Environment.Name}.config => MyService.exe.config

However, I can’t get this to differentiate the config files by specifying the folder to the config and transform files.

It looks like the only way that I can do this is by renaming the transform files before they are packaged or separating into different packages and projects – both of which are technically achievable, but not desirable process-wise.

Is there another way to that you know of?

Hi Neil,

Thanks for getting in touch! Octopus iterates through directories so defining the path doesn’t work.
I’d like to better understand how this is not working, so a deployment log might help and also the rules you have in your additional transforms.