Config transformations aren't producing the expected output ( xdt:replace not happening )

Octopus’s log state that config transformation is successful, but the transformation output doesn’t seem to have the transformations applied.

I’m using xdt:Transform=“Replace” on entire appSettings and connectionStrings (and some other sections) as opposed to matching individual keys and changing values (because that’s a pain to maintain). For example:

This transformation works when using visual studio publishing feature, but Octopus doesn’t seem to respect the full feature set of config transformations:

What I see in the deployed web.config doesn’t have these sections replaced. Bummer…

Any advice?

By the way: Octopus Deploy

Scratch all that… I see now that it is transforming as expected.

The thing that had me believing that it was not working was that my IIS site is not being updated to point at the latest release directory at the time of deployment and I was using IIS to open navigate to the directory (thinking it was the newly deployed site) and viewing an old web.config.

So… onto this problem. I’ll investigate for a bit before starting a new thread on this.

Scratch that, too! I had to refresh the site in IIS GUI for it to report having the latest Home directory… sorry for all the blunders!