Config transform depending on a deployment slot


I’m wondering whether it’s possible to transform the configuration files depending on a slot where a cloud service is deployed to? Lets say I already have a configuration file for each cloud service environment (development, production, uat and etc) and each environment has a production/staging slots. I want to have a possibility to deploy the services into a different slots using a specific reserved IP. Azure requires a reserved IP for each slot in order to perform a VIP swap. What would be the best approach for this? How could I instruct Octopus which IP must be used for a certain slot? Maybe I’m missing something obvious, but I cannot find an easy way to do this during deploy.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Igor,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Would you be able to provide me some more information about the steps you are using (including community steps), in particular how you are performing the swap. Please include screenshots and logs where possible.

One option you may have is to model each slot configuration as a different environment and then you can scope variables for each reserved IP address to different Octopus environments.

Any information you can provide to me will allow me to help you find a resolution.