Conditions environments "not in"


We are getting to a point now where we have a couple of dozen environments and some projects we just want to skip a step for one environment, to do this we have to list the 23 other environments in the Only In condition for that step, then remember to add future environments which then means old releases which keep a snapshot of the Process cannot be deployed for that step.

Is it possible to have a condition of not in so we can list the environments not to run the step in and everything else gets ran? This will enable a previous release to go to a new environment so there’s definitely a use case here.


Hi Gavin,

Thanks for getting in touch. This is not currently possible, but I can see some value in this feature. Would you mind adding it to uservoice? If enough users think it’ll be useful, we might be able to do something about it.

Best regards,

I will do thanks Dalmiro