Composing deployment package from zip files and web application

I’m trying to figure out the appropriate way to deploy my application using Octopus.

My source control contains the following: (contains 3rd party cms files) (contains a plugin for the cms)
MyWebsite.csproj (this is my own application)

When deploying this application, it is important that the files are deployed in the order above, since the website will overwrite some of the files from the file.

I’m assuming that the right way to do this would be to extract the zip files and create the deployment package so it just contains the end result of merging the zip files and web application?

What would be the way to go about this? I’m using VSOnline if that makes any difference? Is this something I can do using Octopack? Or will I have to write some powershell that builds the package manually? Can i somehow unpack the .zip files in the Octopack target folder before Octopack packs my webapplication, and get the zip file contents included like that?


Thanks for getting in touch! As you already described there are multiple ways of solving this problem. What you proposed should work but I would like to add one more option which is to use Deploy Package step template.

In your case you would have 3 steps of this type. First step would deploy, the second one would deploy and the last one would deploy your website that was packaged using Octopack. The two first zip files would have to have a valid version number in their names.

Please, let me know how you go.