Complexity of Start-Job and Wait-job through Powershell scripting

I have a Powershell script A and this script I am calling in another Powershell Script B. This B script is going internally to a tool. Now through Script B, I have to execute Script A multiple times. For example, let us consider 25 times. What will be the best way to execute this thing? Whether I should use Start-Job or Start-Process for this execution.? For me, it is necessary to execute this thing with Powershell scripts only? Can you please help me out in this situation?

Hi @dudeaksh007,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’m very sorry for the delay in getting back to you, as this thread got a bit lost in the shuffle. This is a great question, but I think the best way to answer it would be to get a better idea of what your requirements and goals are for this. What do these scripts do, what are you deploying, etc.? I’m hoping we can help model your approach nicely for your situation. :slight_smile:

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