Complex filters on machine role in steps


Would it be possible to add some more complex filtering on roles/tags when defining a step?
It would be really handy to say execute this step on all tentacles with the role ‘FrontEnd’ and ‘Admin’, or ‘FrontEnd’ but not 'OldOS’
As it is we are managing a whole bunch of roles and tags because some applications in a project can only be deployed to machines with a newer OS and some can only go to a Task server and some only to in internal server. NOT or AND would seriously simplify the 30 odd tags we have now :slight_smile:



Hi Ben,

Thanks for reaching out. This is actually not a bad suggestion. I’ve searched on Uservoice and I’m surprised it wasn’t there already. Would you mind submitting it so the community can speak up and let us know if they’d like to see it implemented?



Done :slight_smile:

Thanks, I hadn’t seen the user voice site… There are some good ideas on there…