Complete page refresh every few seconds?

I notice the Octopus root page appears to completely reload itself every few seconds - is this intended behaviour?

It’s not causing me any direct problems, except I was demo’ing Octopus to colleagues this morning and was trying to make little CSS tweaks in Chrome developer tools to highlight some things, but they were lost every few seconds as the page did a complete reload. At first I thought it was something I was doing, but a quick look at the Network tab showed the full reload.

Not a critical issue at all, but just wanted to flag it in case it was accidental, it seems a little odd.

Hi Neil,

The next release changes it so that only the release matrix refreshes every few seconds (using jQuery) rather than the entire page, so hopefully that helps. I just need to finish testing it.

(I will add a tiny link to disable the auto-refresh on pages if it is annoying)


Excellent, thanks.