Community license: server limit to install tentacle svc to, if no deployments out to them?

We are evaluating Octopus deploy, and like what we see for the most part so far.
My trail license expires in a few days, and I know the community license is limited to 10 tentacles I believe.

Would I be able to install and possibly configure the tentacle service to additional (beyond 10) servers, prior to use purchasing a license which would enable >10 tentacles?

We aren’t ready to deploy to additional yet - I just wanted to install and configure it (run the wizard to input thumpprints and choose the port, etC).


To clarify this question a bit:

We would like to be able to still deploy to about 4-8 servers that are currently set up.
Are we able to install the Tentacle server to additional servers (so the number of total servers would be >10, and not deploy to the additional server, but still deploy to the EXISTING ones? (the 4-8 I mentioned).

Hi Jim,

Thanks for reaching out. You will be able to install/configure the tentacle >10 times, you just wont be able to register them with your Octopus server.