Community Library for Script Templates?

It would be great if Octopus Deploy also had a script template library for community sourced content in the same way there is a step template library. We’ve written a ton of custom step templates that rely on script modules that we would be happy to contribute back. But as it stands, most of our step templates are just one or two lines since they call functions in script modules. Examples of what we have that we’d love to share:

  • Fastly CDN cache purges
  • A10 load balancer integration
  • Slack integration

There are some other small ones too but we’ve put a lot of effort into these and we’d love to share them!


Thanks for reaching out. The good thing about Step Templates is that they are self-contained and already include all you need for them to work (Powershell code + JSON for the step structure). Though I do understand why you would structure your internal Step Templates in such way (simple code in step + big functions on script module), when it comes to sharing things with the community, its a bit easier to just share the Step Template alone, being confident that It’ll just work on its own without depending on a separate Script Module.

You could definitely include the code of your Script Module on the Step Template body to make sure It’ll work in its own.


Ps: Kudos for being so eager to share stuff with others! We’ll be looking forward for some of your PRs on our Library github project :slight_smile: