Common process steps

As we build out our application deployments, I’m finding that there are 4 or 5 steps that are identical, and fed via variables to each and every project. Is it possible (or is there an existing feature request) to have a centralized set of deployments steps (perhaps w/in a ‘Application Type’ group, that would always insert some pre-defined steps before/after the ‘deploy from nuget’?

That way, for example, I could have 1 step in my centralized location that says ‘Send email notifying of deployment’, and not have to add that step to each and every project?

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately there’s not a way to do this on the current version. It is though something that has came up in conversations, and that we might end up adding in the future. But its not something that is in our immediate roadmap.

Best regards,