Commandline how to name projects in a Space

Recently new to Octopus and just trying to integrate with Team City to create a release after a build using utlimately Octo.exe. Problem is it is not recognising my project name.

I am using Spaces in Octopus so have tried this like:

Project name
Space name.Project name
Space-2.Project name
Projects Id e.g. “Projects-21” - extracted through the API and

Following is an example of what I’m getting back from Octopus.

[17:55:18][Step 2/2] Octopus Deploy (1s)
[17:55:18][Octopus Deploy] Running command: octo.exe create-release --server http://lbs-octdeploy --apikey SECRET --project Projects-21 --enableservicemessages --deployto Development --progress
[17:55:18][Octopus Deploy] Creating Octopus Deploy release
[17:55:18][Octopus Deploy] Octopus Deploy Command Line Tool, version
[17:55:18][Octopus Deploy]
[17:55:18][Octopus Deploy] Handshaking with Octopus server: http://lbs-octdeploy/

[17:55:19][Octopus Deploy] Handshake successful. Octopus version: 2019.13.0; API version: 3.0.0
[17:55:19][Octopus Deploy] Finding project: Projects-21
[17:55:19][Octopus Deploy] Could not find a project named: Projects-21
[17:55:19][Octopus Deploy] Exit code: -1
[17:55:19][Octopus Deploy] Octo.exe exit code: -1

Works for my colleagues but they are using the Default Space.

Anyone got any ideas?

Hey John,

Welcome to the Octopus forums!

It seems like you’re on a very old version of the CLI tool.

Would you be able to update that and pass it the -space parameter along with the rest of the information?

Here is some documentation on the create-release command:

Please let me know if that works or if we need to dig in further.


Cheers, that looks like my issue.

The client we are using will be part of a plug-in for Team-City, recently acquired though from where is unknown and is as you say old as it doesn’t recognise the --space option. I was able to add --space parameter so if I can get the right client, where it needs to be for Team City should be all good.

Thanks for getting me pointed in the right direction.

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Hey John

You’re very welcome. Thanks for updating me.

Please let me know if you end up running into more trouble with it.

I hope you have a great weekend.


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