Combined Projects into 1 project

Hi, We have multiple projects, where a project is a component of a larger project, but with each project being be able to be deployed independently of other projects. (If that makes sense)
Is there a way i can have a master project that contains all other projects but also leaves all projects as independent projects?



Hi TommyQ,

Thanks for getting in touch! While this is not something you are able to do out of the box with Octopus, there is one option that may be available. We have a community step template called Chain Deployment Which lets you kick of a deployment from another project in Octopus. This step could be given a run condition or disabled when not required. Essentially you will be able to chain all deployments when you need to run them together, yet still have them independent.

Past that there is nothing we really available for what you are after here. There are some great things coming in the future such as Remote Release Promotion which should let you do this, however, these features are still in the planing and design phase. I can link you to the RFC for our Remote Release Promotion which has some further information on the direction we are heading there if you were interested.

Let me know if the Chain Deployment step template helps you do what you are after here. :slight_smile:

Best regards,