Collapsible Project Groups


We have a large number of projects deploying to 6 environments, with each project also having 4 branch projects that work through the first 3 environments before transitioning to our master branch. This means that our Octopus dashboard cannot really be used without using the browsers find feature to easily locate a desired project / project group.

I understand that we can customise our dashboards on a per user basis, electing to hide certain project groups / environments however the majority of our users need all of the groups at different parts of the day so this feature does not fit.

Is it possible to have the project groups made to be collapsible so that we can control the dashboard more efficiently.


Thanks for getting in touch! We currently have two UserVoice suggestions that provide a solution for this.

However both do not have a great amount of votes. So please head over to UserVoice and give these suggestions some traction!