Clustered Servers

I haven’t found much as of late when it comes to the handling of clustered servers. Is there any way of handling this in new versions in determining which server is the active one?

Hi Corey,

Thanks for getting in touch! The short answer is no, Octopus has no understanding or concept of active servers in a cluster.
But if you describe your situation in much more detail we might be able to provide guidance or suggestions.


Example would be we have a clustered sql server, and our virtual server only points to 1 of the 2 sql servers at any given time, but it could be either. So would we just duplicate the thumbprint so both sql servers have the same one, and then use the virtual server address as our target so that it only goes to one (we only want to deploy to the active server).

                    Virtual Server
          /                                      \

Server 1 (active) Server 2 (inactive)

the virtual server is technically which ever server is active, so if we gave the 2 servers matching thumbprints would that work? Hope that makes more sense.

Hi Corey,

I noticed that Paul answered this in another ticket. So I am just going to acknowledge this one.