Cloned server resulted in silent duplicate deployment

We cloned a production server that already had a tentacle installed, renamed the server and added it to our list of dev servers in Octopus Deploy.

We thought that this would be ok, based on this (slightly old) discussion.

However, the next time we did a dev deployment we caused an issue in production because Octopus Deploy had deployed to the production server that we’d previously cloned. Closer inspection in Octopus Deploy showed us that the cloned server (in dev) had the same tentacle thumbprint value as the production server.

It seems that we were able to create an invalid configuration - two machines with the same tentacle thumbprint. Could/should Octopus Deploy prevent this scenario from being possible?

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your post!

Unfortunately the post that you referenced was pretty old, forum post #3 old. We do have a documentation page about how to clone servers in 2.0 as found here:

Yeah we agree that the situation you experienced is not intended and potentially could be pretty bad.
I’ve submitted a bug issue in GitHub

I would suspect it won’t be made into a change until 2.5 due to the possible implications for existing customers who do force this scenario to occur due to their needs.

Thanks again for submitting this issue!


Hi Vanessa,

Thanks for the feedback - the issue is resolved at our end but we will keep a note of the new documentation regarding cloning of machines.