Clone step - destination list is not sorted

Hi guys,

I’ve been adding a Manual Intervention step to all our deployment projects that don’t have one (to prevent accidental deployments to production - scoped to the LIVE environment, it asks if you are sure).

Rather than doing it by hand, I’ve been using the Clone project step feature.

However, finding the destination can be tricky as the type to search feature doesn’t work for projects with spaces in the names (it stops searching when you type a space character) but the biggest obstacle is that the projects drop-down list is not ordered alphabetically.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Ensure you have more than one project defined and you added them in non-alphabetical order.
  2. Navigate to the deployment process steps for one of them (e.g. app#/Spaces-1/projects/project-one/deployments/process)
  3. Click on a process step
  4. Click the “three-dots” menu button to the right of the step name
  5. Select Clone…
  6. Examine the order of the options in the Select project drop-down list

Actual outcome
The items in the list appear to be in the order that the projects were added to Octopus making it difficult to find the project you are looking for (we have many that start with the company name).

Expected outcome
The items in the list should be sorted alphanumerically to make it easier to find the target project when there are many.

I expect it is the same for runbook steps (when the destination project contains runbooks you are given a second drop-down list to choose the runbook) but I haven’t verified this - I’ve got more deployment projects than runbooks.


Hi Darryl,

Thanks for bringing this up.

We did recently notice that there were several locations within the UI where items were not being sorted alphabetically and have made them all consistent as part of this issue.

This fix should be available in the latest version.


Thanks Paul. I had a feeling you might already be on it.


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