Clone project error

A user tried to clone a project but got an error ‘Object reference not set to an instance of object’.
The user has the right to create projects.
When I try the same as Octopus Administrator I can clone the same project without error.
I am using Octopus Deploy v2020.6.4671

Hi Giel,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Does the team that this user belong to have ProjectGroup scoping on the ProjectCreate permission?
If so, I believe you may be running into this issue.
A fix has been patched into 2020.6, so, updating to the latest build should resolve the problem for you.


Hi Paul,
Thanks for the very quick response!
And yes, this user belongs to a ProjectGroup with the ProjectCreate permission on it. And it tried to clone a project in its own group.
Nice to know that an upgrade will fix this. I will start planning an upgrade.


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