Clone Process Step not working

Pretty simple issue.
Octopus Cloud Server version 2020.4.0-rc0004

I go into my project Process and edit it.
Select the context menu next to a deployment step
Select “Clone…”
Choose a different project to clone it into.
It clones it into the same project.
It does not clone it into the selected project.

Hi @ops,

Thanks for getting in touch!

This is, unfortunately, a known issue with 2020.4.0 at the moment.
As far as I can see, the fix has been merged into our 2020.4.0 release branch, so, it should be included in the next patch to be released.


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Thanks for the swift response @paul.calvert
I neglected to look at your GitHub. How silly of me! I’ll keep an eye on there in future so I don’t report duplicates.

Thanks again.

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