Clone Permission

What permission is needed to clone a project? I have several users that have the “create project” permission, but they cannot clone one. I, as the admin, seem to be the one able to clone. I have looked through the list of permissions, but don’t see anything specifically related to cloning.



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Unfortunately, a user has to be an Octopus administrator to clone a project.
This is mainly a security precaution because cloning copies sensitive variables that will then be accessible to a non-administrator user.

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Vanessa -

I understand the concern. My main issue is that there’s no permission listed to explicitly control that operation. What you described is a good default behavior, but I think there should be a way to tweak this using the custom roles. That’s really all I’m asking about.


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I have created this as a suggestion on UserVoice. You can track and vote on the suggestion here:

Feel free to add any further information to the suggestion.


This has been done in 2.5 - see details here: