Client/Customer Approval per Tentacle


We’d love to use Octopus Deploy, but just have one requirement which I’m not sure how to handle. We provide on-premise web sites for our clients, who are often sticky about us pushing updates to them (they want to approve an update). Is it possible to have a deployment pause per Tentacle? So from our side we release, but it is up to the client to confirm that they want the update, without the client having to log in to the Octopus Deploy server.
Can, from the website on the client’s server, we determine if an update is available (possibly asking the Tentacle) and then prompt the client to confirm the update, and then instruct the Tentacle to go ahead?



Hi Guy,

Thanks for getting in touch.

There isn’t a way to do exactly what you want, we have no UI on the Tentacle itself.
I know you ideally don’t want your client to log on to your Octopus server, but if you could relax that you could do this:

  1. Have each client be it’s own Environment
  2. Have a step which sent an email to the client either based on Environment (or use variables to define the recipient)
  3. Have a manual approval step (again based on Environment)

If you wanted to go a bit further, you could build your own approval portal which used the Octopus API. Then the client could click a link in the email which would send them to your portal, approve the deployment and you’d call the API to continue the deployment.

Would those options work for you ?



Hi Damian

Thanks for the response. This might work; we’ll start a trial on a few test clients and see if it’s going to be manageable.