Cleanup Application folder for versions that have no corresponding release any more

We noticed that the automatic cleanup of C:\Octopus\Applications apparently does not cleanup versions where no corresponding release exists any more (e.g. because we only played around and afterwards deleted the release without manually cleaning up the C:\Octopus\Applications folder).

It would be really cool if the cleanup would also cleanup versions for which there is no corresponding release any more.

Is that possible? Is there a way to workaround that problem?

Thanks in advance!

(I also submitted a similar question as a suggestion on uservoice:

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Hi @chrischu

Thanks for getting in touch!

You are correct that we don’t have any automated way of cleaning up old packages without releases on Tentacles, as the Tentacle retention policy only runs as part of a deployment. Manually removing these packages is currently the only option that we have available.

It is something that we are aware of and are planning to tackle via maintenance processes. I don’t have a timeframe on when this will be implemented, but it is very high on our roadmap and I would expect to see some traction after we decide on the roadmap for the year (which usually happens in our annual kickoff event the first week of Feb).

Sorry I don’t have better immediate news for you,


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