Clean deployment

hey guys,

i am facing a problem about cleaning/removing a deployment.

The situation is like:
In Jan, we made a release to a test server in production environment. it was just for testing purpose. and after a few months, we retired the test server. but the deployment is always shown in the dashboard that we did a release to production environment. since then, people, especially support group, will think this project is already in production by misleading, which may cause potential risk to update this project in prod.

how can we avoid this situation? any suggestion?



Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately the only solution I can think of is to delete that release. If you need the code associated with this release in other envinronments then you would have to create a new release and deploy it to those environments.

To avoid this problem in the future you can assign your production test server to a new environment (e.g. Pre Production). In this way you can test in a Production like environment but at the same time Octopus will clearly indicate that the code not yet deployed to Production.

Please let me know if this doesn’t solve your problem.